Speakers Presentations

Paper 1 Dr. Salman Shah Overview of Economy of Pakistan Development

Paper 2 Dr. Muhammad Anjum Ali Overview of Oilseeds Crops of Pakistan

Paper 3 Rey Santella Global Agriculture Trade

Paper 4 Brian Kemp Us Soy Production Systems

Paper 5 Iven Li Energy Efficiency Improvement and Cost-Saving for Oilseeds Processing.

Paper 6 Brian Innes Canola Market Overview

Paper 7 Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha Role of Protein Meals for Sustainable Poultry in Pakistan

Paper 8 Patrick Stolz Oilseeds Market

Paper 9 Matthew Clark Nutritional Values of Us Soy and Its Importance in Feed Formulation

Paper 10 Marten Hatzmman Oilseeds Market Outlook

Paper 11 Emily French Oilseeds Market

Paper 12 Jim Sutter the Us Soy Advantage


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